Capital Gain

February 24, 2010

In most business the goal is Capital Gain, that which is called Profit. Often we see this Capital as money but it may also be in other forms: land, buildings, equipment, or other items the money was invested in. There was once the idea that business ran in an environment where there is a single lump sum of all wealth, that the goal was to absorb as much of that pile as you can. This idea is known as the Zero Sum Gain. In this model of business one would compete with all other businesses and try to diminish the profits of all others so they could reap more of the pile. This aggressive minimizing of others for the sole benefit of the one competition was the inspiration of films like Wall Street, and Other Peoples Money. Where it seems the rich and those who use other’s get their selfish gain by hurting the week and poor.

Recently (in the last decade) this idea has been proven false. In fact the economy has been stifled by this selfish style of business. The fact of the matter is co-operation is key to good business. Aligning one with another who have the same goals will gain both businesses more profit and grow the Pile for all. There is no Zero Sum, the pile of wealth in the world is flexible and can grow, there is no known limit to the potential wealth of the world. When we find others who can help us achieve our ultimate goals and who we can help in the same pursuits, it can profit both when we choose to aid in their advancement, when we can accept their place in the market.

Applying this to the Gospel we can easily relate how we can achieve our goals when we band together with like minded people all striving for the same goal. This is why we find Churches gathered into groups. However we seem to see a lot of Churches touting how they are better than the rest, and yet they all have the same message, and they all say they are after the same goal. We see Christians tearing down other Christian Churches. They all have the same message, “God sent His son Jesus Christ to Atone for our sins and restore in the resurrection, and bring salvation to all who will believe.”
So why do we see some Christians using the zero sum gain principal with religion? I think it has to do with the ultimate goals of their Church group. As Christians we are to have salvation for all be our ultimate goal. That is what almost all Church groups say they support but some say something else with these actions that are not in keeping with this ultimate Goal. The attitude of the groups using the zero sum gain principal with religion show something else as their ultimate goal. What is that goal? Capital Gain… Yes, as shocking as it may be some Christian originations are after not your salvation but your wallet. At some seminaries you can take a class that tells you strait out more butts in the seat equates to more money in the coffers.

Before we dig at other groups, we should first ask these five questions: what is the benefit of their message? how can I help them with sharing the message of the gospel? and what is my ultimate goal? is that goal served by my actions?

God bless you all in the Love of Christ,
Sean A. Dunn


The Line Between Humility and Honesty

July 27, 2009

I have answered honestly, and people call me arrogant. I have answered humbly and people call it a lie. I have discovered that there exists a fine line between honesty and humility. If one is too humble, they run the risk of being dishonest, but if they are too honest they run the risk of loosing their humility. It is the Christian’s Challenge to walk this strait and narrow line of honest humility. Not boasting but always ready to give reason for the hope that is within us.

In the Love of Christ,

Sean A. Dunn


Be a Dad, it’s the best Job ever!

June 19, 2009

Hello Dads,

I found some examples you need to see on real Men and real Dads.
Watch, learn and do.

May the God of Heaven bless us in our life to do the very best we can… For me it is to be the best Dad I can.

In the Love of Christ,

Sean A. Dunn

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Music in the Garden

June 12, 2009

I was walking to catch a bus to work this morning and it hit me… There is music in the Garden. On my way out the door and heading down the street, I heard the sweet music of spring mornings, chirping from behind our house where there are trees, our modest garden and a small lawn. Only God could organize the shouts of a hundred love-crazed birds to make that spring morning music unique to each day. Often times it makes me ponder on what I may be missing working in my closed office, or sitting at my computer. Even with the delights of thoughtful Cyber-Communication, I know there is some real world things I am passing by.

If you ever saw the movie The Matrix you can have pondered too, just how real can Cyber-space get, even if it becomes like that movie, I think it will never be able to replace the truth of a Real-space (the Real World).

I sometimes catch myself thinking about how real is real? I mean could we be experiencing reality in a bubble of some kind, unable to experience the full reality of how things really are? Ok, that is too deep… My submarine can’t go down there much further.

Back to a wonderful morning experience. The birds have fallen silent now but on the marrow, there is Music in the Garden.

In the Love of Christ,

Sean A. Dunn


Spring Rain

June 2, 2009

It rained today, but it was not a heavy rain. More like a sprinkle of rain, but the moisture evaporating from the Pavement and soaking into the dirt made the sweet fresh smell of Spring blossom in my lungs. Ahhh, the only thing that smells like spring rain.
Then the sun came out. It is lovely when we get a moment to slow down and notice the great little wonderful ordinary things.

As the great Satchmo sang, “it’s a wonderful world.”
Thank you Louis,

Sean A. Dunn


Christian. What the Hell does it mean anyway?

May 21, 2009

Oddly, I have recently been barraged by people claiming to be Christian then saying that another person, or organization is not Christian. From one person about another person to a member of one Church about another Church, I have heard this a lot more the last two weeks then ever in my life before. There seems to be an attitude that prevails these discussions, one of superiority. Basically the claim is no more than saying “I’m better than this other guy because I’m Christian
I tend to not judge people on their affiliations, and so I try not to be critical of the doctrinal persuasion of any particular Religious organization. But it is disheartening to hear from so many taken in by their own Church to see others in this negative light.

This begs the question, What does the word “Christian” mean anyway? Often we do not define our terms before we put them into such dubious use.

In the Love of Christ,

Sean A. Dunn


A bit of Religion from Justin Grice

May 11, 2009

Mr. Grice who I have conversed a little with challenged me with a question because he rejected me as a writer for his blog about Mormonism due mostly to vague questioning and my answers not meeting up with his opinions. His question was if he could write for my blog. My answer was precisely “Sure you can write for my BLOG! What topic would you like to start with?”

His reply was by email of his article. I must express that his opinion and views are not exactly mine nor do they accurately reflect my own, but if you have issue with anything said on this page please feel free to respond in a comment.

The article follows (edited for spelling and grammar, content remains intact) :

The Justice and Love of God:

There are two main characteristics of God: Justice and Love.  Because God is just, He must punish our sin.  Examine your life.  Are you morally pure?  Would you stand as innocent or guilty on Judgment Day?  All of us would be guilty.  The love of God results in God wanting to save us.  The divine dilemma is that neither God’s justice nor His love could take precedence.  What was the solution?  These two attributes intersected at the cross of Jesus Christ.  God’s horizontal love for all of mankind clashed with the justice poured down from God the Father onto Jesus.  Jesus died on the cross for you.  Please turn from your sin and place your faith in Jesus alone for your salvation.

Justin Grice

To Investigate further on this topic I have collected varriuos links:




In the Love of Christ,

Sean A. Dunn